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1. I understand that the fee is non refundable and cannot be transferred to a future examination session.
2. It is the candidate’s responsibility to check that their names and details are correct on the confirmation of enrolment, as they appear on their passport. The same details will appear on the attestation.
3. Once set, the schedule of oral examination dates and times may not be altered.
4. Candidates should arrive at the time indicated on the notification of examination timetable, which they will be receiving by email, and wait at the reception desk until the teacher or the coordinator drive them to the examination class. Late arrivals will NOT be accommodated.
5. Oral examinations may be taken late in the evening. There may be a long gap between a candidate’s written and oral examinations. I understand that my oral examination will be recorded.
6. Candidates will be required to bring official proof of identity on their examination day and the notification of examination timetable. Only passports, national ID cards and photo driving licenses will be accepted. Failure to produce one of the above- mentioned cards will deny candidates access to the examination room.
7. Results are due four to six weeks after the examination day. Candidates will be informed by email when we will receive the results. No scores will be given by email or phone to candidates.
8. “Attestations” must be collected by the candidate at the examination centre within 4 weeks of notification and with official proof of identity. Certificate will be sent by post only upon request, and if the candidate paid the additional charge.
9. I understand that exam dates may be subject to alterations or cancellations in cases of force majeure. Due to insufficient number of candidates, the Alliance française de San Francisco reserve the right to cancel the exam.
“I agree to be bound by the regulations for the TCF examinations”
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